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Whirlpool Corporation, a responsible corporate citizen of the Fort Smith community for many years, is moving forward in close cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to address the Trichloroethylene (TCE) detected in the groundwater immediately below and adjacent to its Fort Smith property. ADEQ has determined there has been no human exposure to the TCE here, and thus no health risk to area residents.

In December 2013, ADEQ issued a Final Remedial Action Decision Document – or RADD – laying out the science-based remediation plan Whirlpool will follow to attack and remove the TCE from the groundwater. Whirlpool is committed to moving forward with the remediation work and to keeping the residents and elected officials in Fort Smith informed of important developments.

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Read the 2014 Annual Progress Report Cover Letter here and Full Report here.

Read Whirlpool’s Response to ADEQ’s November 24, 2014 Comment Letter here

Read Whirlpool’s Response to ADEQ’s Comments on the Offsite Shallow Groundwater Investigation Work Plan here.

Read Whirlpool’s Response to ADEQ’s October 17, 2014 Comments on the Area 1 Work Plan here.

Read the Northeast Corner Investigation Report here.

Read Whirlpool’s Notification Letter to ADEQ on the Implementation of the Addendum to the Soil Vapor Monitoring Plan here.

Read Whirlpool’s Work Plan for the Replacement of Temporary Monitoring Wells here.

Read Whirlpool’s Statement in Response to Court Order in Day v. Whirlpool here.

Read the Third Quarter 2014 Progress Report here.

See the full list of news and documents in the Background section here.


Whirlpool remains a responsible corporate citizen of Fort Smith, and we are committed to managing this situation in an open and responsible manner. Ongoing sampling has confirmed that there has been no expansion of the TCE plume, no exposure or pathway to exposure, and no health risk to our neighbors in Fort Smith. Whirlpool is now implementing the remediation plan approved by ADEQ in the Final RADD.

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Whirlpool has been working closely and actively with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) since 2001. As part of our commitment to openness, Whirlpool has made over 1,000 pages of records available for review at the Fort Smith Public Library. To facilitate the public’s access to these documents, we have uploaded the records to this website. We will add new documents to this page as they become available in the future.

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